Attempt any Five Question No.8 is compulsory 

1) Define evidence. Explain the principles governing circumstantial evidence with the help of decided cases

2) Explain the concept of confession in detail

>>>>> Confession: Meaning Definition and Kinds of Confession

>>>>> Confession to Police Officer / Extra Judicial Confession

>>>>> Difference between Confession and Admission 

3) What do you mean by estoppel? Distinguish between estoppel and waiver and estoppel and res judicata

>>>>> Meaning, Definition and Kinds of Estoppel

>>>>> The Doctrine of Estoppel Under Indian Evidence Act

>>>>> Difference Between Estoppel and Res Judicata

>>>>> Difference Between an Admissions and Estoppel

4) Discuss the circumstances under which oral evidence is excluded by Documentary Evidence

5)  Discuss competency to testify as a witness

>>>>> Meaning and Test of Competency of the witness.

>>>>> Competency and Credit of a child witness

>>>>> Deaf and Dumb witnesses under Section 119 of Indian Evidence Act 1872

6) Discuss the relevance of character in evidence

7) Explain various presumptions as to documents

>>>>> Various Presumptions as to Documents Under the Indian Evidence Act 1872

>>>>> Classification of Presumptions under the Indian Evidence Act 1872

8) Write notes on (any two)

a) Res gestae

b) Cross-examination

c) Accomplice 

d) Electronic record

e) Hearsay evidence


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