• Question No.9 is compulsory carries 20 marks
  • Attempt any five questions of the remaining
  • All questions carry 16 Marks each.

1) Define fact, fact in issue and relevant fact and explain facts forming the parts of the same transactions.


Define  Proved, Not Proved, Disproved, May Presume, Shall Presume and Conclusive Proof.

2)  What is Admission? Explain relevancy of admission in civil cases.


Define the term 'Evidence' and state different kinds of evidence

>>>>> Meaning and Definitions of Evidence

>>>>> Kinds of Evidence

3)  Explain the different Provision Relating to Character Evidence


Discuss the law relating to Exclusion of Oral by Documentary Evidence

4) Define Public Document and Explain the law relating to Public Document


Explain the various Presumptions relating to Documents under the Indian Evidence Act 1872

5) Discuss the law relating to privileged communications


Cross-examination of a witness is a double-edged weapon. Explain 

>>>>> The Examination of Witnesses

>>>>> Cross-Examination

>>>>> Questions which may be asked in Cross-Examination

6) Write Short Notes on (Any Two)

A) Child witness

B)  Presumption as to abetment of suicide by a married women 

C)   Accomplice

D)  Plea of Alibi


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