Attempt any five questions. Question No 8 carrying 20 March is compulsory

1) What is meant by evidence?  explain the concept of circumstantial evidence

>>>>> Meaning and Definitions of Evidence 

>>>>> Kinds of Evidence

2) Discuss the concept of "Proved", "Disprove" and "Not proved" under Indian Evidence Act 1872

3) What is admission and who can make admissions under Indian Evidence Act 

4) What is confession and who can make a confession

5) Discuss the burden of proving fact especially within the knowledge of a person

6) Which documents are called public documents? How they are proved

>>>>> Public document 

>>>>> Difference between Public Document and Private Document

7) What is Dying Declaration?

8) Write notes on any four

a) Dumb witness

b) Re-Examination

c) Dowry death

d) Kinds of Estoppel

e) Res Gestae


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