Attempt any five questions. Question No 9 carrying 20 Marks is compulsory

1. Define the term evidence and state different kinds of evidence

>>>>> Evidence and the concept of circumstantial evidence

>>>>> Kinds of Evidence

2. Define fact, fact in issue and relevant Fact and explain facts forming the parts of same transaction

3. What is admission? Explain the relevance of admission in civil cases

4. Define Proved, Not proved disproved, may presume, shall presume and conclusive proof

5. Discuss the relevance of motive preparation and previous for subsequent conduct

6. Explain the law relating to examination of witnesses

7. Explain the relevancy of character evidence

8. Discuss the law relating to exclusion of oral by documentary evidence

9. Write notes on (any two)

a) Child witness

b) Presumption as to abetment of suicide

c) Hostile witness

d) Electronic evidence


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