Attempt any five questions. Question No 8 carrying 20 March is compulsory

1) Explain the relevance of expert opinion

2) Discuss the concept of confession distinguish between Confession and Admission

>>>>> Meaning Definition and Kinds of Confession

>>>>> Difference between Confession and Admission

3) Discuss in detail the concept of Circumstantial Evidence. 

4) What is burden of proof? Explain the burden of proof in case of plea of alibi election petition and in matrimonial cases

>>>> Burden of Proof 

>>>> Meaning Definition and Example of Plea of Alibi

5) Explain the law relating to an accomplice as evolved by judicial decisions

6) Discuss the concept of improper admission and rejection of evidence

7) Explain various Presumptions under Indian Evidence Act 1872

8) Write notes on (any four) 

A) Judicial proceedings

B) Documents

C) Deaf and Dumb Witness

D) Tape recording

E) Fact in issue

F) Dying declaration


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