Lay-off is for trade reasons beyond the control of the employer, i.e, it is not an intentional act.

The Strike is a weapon in the armoury of the working class to fight collectively and to pressure on the employer. It is a weapon which is made use of the labor class to safeguard their interests both economic and cultural.


Definition :

   Section 2(kkk) of the Industrial Dispute Act 1947 defines lay off “Lay off means the failure, refusal or inability of an employer on account of storage of coal, power or raw materials or the accumulation of stocks or the breakdown of machinery or natural calamity or for any other connected reason to give employment to a workman whose name is borne on the muster rolls of his industrial establishment and who has not been retrenched.

Definition :

             Section 2 (q) of the Industrial Dispute Act 1947 defines strike as “ a cessation of work by a body of persons employed in any industry acting in combination, or a concerted refusal under a common understanding of any numbers of persons, who are or have been so employed to continue to work or accept the employment.


Lay-off is not concerned with a dispute with the workmen.

The strike is a temporary Closure of place of Employment.


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