Haman Rights are derived from the principle of Natural Law. They are neither derived from the social order nor conferred upon the individual by the society. They reside inherently in the Individual human being independent of, and even prior to his participation in the society. Consequently, they are the result of recognition by the State, but they are logically independent of the legal system for their existence. Their origin may be sought in the natural law and not in the positive law. They are based on their intrinsic justification and not their enactment or recognition by certain individuals. They do not depend on any formulation or accepted authority. 

Classification of Human Rights 

     French Jurist Karel Vasak has classified Human Rights as under :

a) Civil and Political Rights 

b) Economic, Social and Cultural Rights 

c) Solidarity Rights

1) Civil and Political Rights :

       The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), 1948 has provided for Civil and Political Rights under Article 2 to 21. It includes the Right to life, Right to Security, Protection against Slavery, The Right to due and fair process of Law, Right to Privacy, the Right to Liberty of Thought and Expression, the Right to Religious Freedom, Right to Association and the Right to Property.        

2) Economic, Social and Cultural Rights 

          The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), 1948 Article 22 to Article 27 provide for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights which Include the Right to Work, the Right to Social Security, the Right to Protection Against Unemployment, the Right against slavery and exploitation, the Right to Good Living, the Right to Education and the Right to health services.

3) Solidarity Rights

       Article 28 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948 says that  Every person is entitled to such social and international system in which all the rights and freedoms are made available to him fully.

         In this category are included the rights to Power, a Right to Just Distribution of wealth, the Right to Economic and Social Development, the Right to participate in the process of Development, the Right to peace,     


  1. Human rights are those that every person, regardless of their race, sex, ethnicity, language, nationality or religion, possesses as inherent rights from birth. They include the right to life, liberty or non-slavery and torture.

    Human rights are grouped into 2 main types.

    -Civil and Political Rights: they protect individual liberties and guarantee that
    any citizen can participate in social and political life on an equal basis and without discrimination
    -Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: These are socio-economic rights, which include the right to decent housing, food or work

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