Giving false information and Giving false evidence differ from each other in the following aspect   


Giving False Information

Giving false Evidence  


False information may be given to anybody

Giving false Evidence can only be made in (court of Law) a suit or proceeding, judicial or non judicial. It is a part of suit and proceedings.


False information may or may not be given on oath.

False Evidence Must be given on oath before a Court of Law


Giving False information, the person to whom the statement is made need not be a public servant, and the statement need not be made with any particular intent.  

In the case of giving false Evidence, the person to whom the information is given is a public servant and such information is given with intend to cause such public servant to use lawful power to the injury of another person.


In the case of false giving information the accused is not legally bound to give the information

In the case of false Evidence, the accused is legally bound to state the truth.


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