Earlier, there were 12 kinds of sons. Two more kinds of sons were added by a few text writers as stated below :

                                            Kinds of Sons
1) Aurasa
6) Kanina.
11) Svayamadatta.
2) Dattaka
7) Putrika putra.
12) Paunarbhava.
3) Kritrima
8) Sahodhaja.
13) Apviddha.
4) Kshetraja.
9) Krita.
14)  Nishad.
5) Gudhaja.
10) Kritrima.

            Of all the above fourteen, the first two namely Aurasa and Dattaka  are the approved and mostly accepted and the rest of twelve are absolute.

1) Aurasa  (or the Legitimate Son) : 
    The Son begotten by a man himself upon his lawfully wedded wife is the Aurasa, the best of all sons.

2)  Dattaka (or the adopted Son) :

     A boy given voluntarily by his parents to an unfortunate Son less man being of the same caste and gift confirmed with a libation of water is known as the Dattaka of the man to whom he is given.

3) Kritrima (or the son made) :

  A boy accepted like one's own son for the sake of his qualities as such​, after examining his qualities or faults as a son of one's own caste , is known as the kritrima son. The letter two are different kinds of adopted sons.

4) Kshetraja :

   The son begotten by niyoga, as approved by the shastra, one's own wife by another man with the consent of the husband, or important, is known as Kshetraja.

5) Gudhaja :

Son secretly brought forth by the wife. A son born is the family but as to who begot him being unknown, is known as the gudhottpanna  son of the one on whose wife he is begotten .

6) Kanina

  Son secretly born to an unmarried damsel. The secretly born to a maiden in her father's house is known as the Kanina son of the one who marries her.

7) Putrika putra ;

   Son of an adopted daughter. The sonless man may appoint his daughter with the words 'the son of his daughter shall perform my Shraddha' or this daughter of mine who has no brother; I give thee decked with ornaments. The son begotten on her shall be like my son. The son begotten on a daughter appointed in this manner was called the Putrika putra and manusmriti treated such a son at per with the aurasa son.

8) Sahodhaja

Son born of a wife who was pregnant at the time of marriage. The son born of that pregnancy is known as the sohadha (sohadhaja) son of that man.

9) Krita

Son purchased. The son, whether of one's own caste or not, purchased for a price from his parents is the krita son of the purchaser.

10) Kritrima

Son made that is orphan and adopted.

11) Svayamadatta

Where an abandoned son offers himself o some one. An orphan or one who is without cause deserted by his parents, becomes the svayamadatta son of one to whom he offers himself as such.

12) Paunarbhava

Son of a remarried woman. The son born to a woman deserted by her husband or a remarried widow, of her own desire, is known as the paunarbhava son of the begetter.

13) Apviddha

Where an abandoned son was accepted by a person on his own initiative.

  14) Nishad :

       A son of a Brahmin by his shudra wife.


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