Sub-Agent is a person employed by the original Agent on the other hand substituted or Co-Agent is one who is named by the Agent for performing such part of the business of the agency as is entrusted to him.

Distinction between Sub Agent and Co-Agent/ Substituted agent



Co-agent /Substituted Agent


 Who is sub-agent? Sub Agent is a person employed by the original agent.  

Who is co-agent/ Substituted Agent? Substituted agent is a person, who is named by the agent with the express or implied authority of the principal.  


Section 191 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872  Deals with Sub Agent  

Section 194 of the Indian Contract Act deals with the Appointment of a Co-Agent or Substituted agent.


Sub-Agent Works under the Control of the Agent and Hence, He is the agent of The Principal. 

Substituted Agent works under the control of the Principal and is an agent of the Agent

There is no privity of contract between the principal and sub-agent. 

There is privity of contract between the principal and substituted agent.

Sub-Agent is responsible to the Agent.

Substituted Agent is responsible to the Principal.

The Agent is Responsible for the acts of the sub-agent.

The Agent is not responsible for the acts of the substituted-agent. 


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