Here are some useful tips for law Students 

1) Read carefully and understand questions, cases and the problems carefully. It is better to read a question patiently and understand it. Give proper answer. Do not answer question unless you are sure of the answer. It is better not to answer a question than to give wrong answer.

2) Do not copy the question in answer sheet. Simply write the question number and the answer.

3) Do not repeat your answer twice or thrice. Once in enough.

4) Your answer must be relevant to the question. Ask and think yourself before you write."Is this statement relevant ?"

5) Writing must be clear, cogent, precise and eligible. Use small and simple sentence.

6) Divide your time carefully between and among questions. Time should be devoted proportionately according to the marks allotted to the questions.

7) Use abbreviations if possible; for example I.P.C. for penal code; Cr. P.C. For Criminal Procedure Code, etc

8) If you have the knowledge of the subject, you must argue your point logically supported by cited authorities with the help of leading cases etc. You must convince the examiner by the weight of your argument that you know the law and that your application of it is correct.

9) Understand the distinction between various terms mentioned in questions. For instance, "Discuss", "Explain", "Distinguish", "Outline", "Define", "Comment", "Write short note", etc.

10) Give priority to compulsory questions.

11) Visual aids, charts, diagrams, etc. are useful to illustrate your answers.

12) Neither copy, not allow others to copy from yours.

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