Kinds of Tort 

There are two kinds of Torts 

1) Torts which are actionable without proof of actual damage - like trespass. Suppose you enter another person’s private compound, the moment you open the door and step into his compound, you commit a trespass for which an action can lie against you even if the owner of the land has not suffered the slightest harm and no actual damage done to the land.

2) Torts which are actionable only on proof of actual damage - i.e. The defendant will be liable only if as a result of his act, damage is cause to the plaintiff like slander - It is false and defamatory statement made orally or verbally which tends to lower the reputation of a person in the society like A says that B is suffering from leprosy. Now the statement made by a affects the reputation of B in the Society due to which the society shuns him.   


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