1) If a proposal has been accepted subject to certain conditions, then ----

A) The contract is valid and conditions are binding

B) The contract is voidable 

C) The contract is valid but conditions are not binding 

D) The contract is not constituted at all

Answer : A

2) in which of the following there is no contract ?

A) A sits in a public carrier 

B) A after standing on a weighing machine at a railway station puts a coin in it

C) A teaches a proposal to his parrot and sends it to B. The parrot tells the proposal to B

D) A gives an advertisement that whosoever will bring his lost dog would be rewarded.B brings that dog to him

Answer : C

3) In Carlil Vs Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. The definition of Wagering Agreement was given by -----

A) Justice Bowen

B) Justice Hawkins

C) Lord Denning 

D) Lord Selborne

Answer : B

4) Offer has been defined under -----of Indian Contract Act, 1872.

A) Section 2a

B) Section 2d

C) Section 3a 

D) Section 3d 

Answer : A

4) the case of Moses Vs Macferlan deals with ------

A) Quasi Contract

B) Anticipatory breach of contract

C) doctrine of frustration

D) None of the above

Answer : A

5) A Notice published in the newspaper inviting tenders is -----

A) A proposal

B) An invitation to proposal

C) Both (A) and (B) 

D) None of these

Answer : B


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