1) Section 201 of Indian contract Act , 1872 provides :

A) Termination of agency

B) Termination of sub-agent's authority 

C) Agent's accounts 

D) Agent to be indemnified against Consequences of lawful acts 

Answer : A

2) Section 210  of Indian Contract Act, 1872 provides :

A) Termination of sub-agent's authority 

B) Agent's accounts  

C) Termination of agency 

D) Agent's duty to communicate with Principal

Answer : A

3) In which one of the following conditions can an agent sub-delegate his authority to another person ? 

A) When it benefits the Principal

B) When it suits the agent 

C) When the agent is incapacitated because  of illness 

D) Where commercial practice involves such delegation

Answer : D

4)  The Indian contract Act came into force on ----

A) April 25, 1872

B) September 1, 1872

C) July 1, 1872

D) March 24, 1872

Answer : B

5) In case of telephonic contract, contract is made at the place from -----

A) Where offer is made 

B) Where acceptor resides

C) Where the words of acceptance are spoken 

D) None of the above

Answer : C


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