1) A promise to B drop a prosecution which he has instituted against B for robbery and B promises to restore the value of things robbed..

A) This agreement is valid

B) This agreement is void

C) This agreement is voidable

D) This is a wagering agreement

Answer : B

2) Out of the following essentials of contract which does not find place in indian contract act

A) Competency of parties

B) Real consideration

C) Intention of contract

D) Lawful object

Answer : C

3) A promises to give Rs. 500 to B if House of B is burnt. Such promise is...

A) Void agreement

B) Voidable contract

C) Contingent contract

D) Uncertain agreement

Answer : C

4) Which one is a wrong statement ?

A) Contract creates promise

B) Agreement creates promise

C) Acceptance become promise

Answer : A

5) Which one of the following events never renders a contract void ?

A) Destruction of the subject matter of contract

B) Devaluation of money

C) Death of promisor

D) Change in law

Answer : D


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