Meaning of Bar and Bench – 

          Bar -  

                  Bar is a collective term for the attorneys who are licensed to practice in the Courts, or a particular court, of any state.

                 The term  'Bar' was originated in England with the partition of Bar fixed for dividing the court hall into two parts for the purpose of separating lawyers and officers of the court from suitors and other general public. Black's Law dictionary defines 'Bar' as the railing that separates the front area where the judge, court personnel, lawyers and witness conduct court business, from the back area which provides seats for observers. The same dictionary has also defined the ‘Bar’ as the whole body of lawyers qualified to practice in a given court or jurisdiction; the legal profession or an organized sub-set of it.

           “Encyclopedia of American explains that the term ‘Bar’ as a court room applied to the area impliedly reserved for the principals of the court. i.e. the judge, the attorneys, the court officer and members of the jury.
            At present Bar means a particular part of court room where lawyers sit.                

          Bench –

                     Bench means all the judges taken together as distinguished from the ‘Bar’ the name for all the members of the legal profession- bench is that part of the court considered in its official capacity, while the judges are sitting. The earlier meaning of Bar contained the part of Bench also at the present term ‘Bar’ is applied for the attorneys part of the court and the term is used for the judicial officers part of the Court.

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