1) When a person has incurred expenses of rupees 5,000 for the necessaries supplied to the minor, he can recover the said amount from the :

A) Minor Personally 

B) Property of the minor 

C) Property of his guardian

D) None of the above.

Answer : B

2) Under the Indian Contract Act, some persons have the duty similar to that of a bailee. The  relevant section in this regard is: 

A) Section 69 

B) Section 70 

C) Section 71 

D) Section 72 

Answer : C

3) A tradesman leaves goods at B's residence by mistake.  B treats the goods as his own and uses it. For the payment of this goods  B is  :

A) Bound

B) Not bound 

C) Partly B

D) None of the above 

Answer: A

4) What contract is created between a finder of Lost goods and its true owner ? 

A)  Contingent contract

B) Quasi Contract 

C) Wagering contract.

D) Contract of guarantee 

Answer : B

5) For the supply of necessaries to a minor : 

A) He is personally liable.

B) Only his property is liable.

C) Both (A)and (B) are liable.

D) None of the above is liable 

Answer : B


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