1) A agrees to sell B his white horse for ₹ 5000 or ₹ 7000. This agreement is :

A)  Valid

B) Unlawful

C) Voidable

D)  Void being uncertain

Answer : D

2) A agrees to sell B his worth ₹ 10,000 for ₹ 100. A's consent is free . Such agreement is :

A) Not a contract

B) Void

C) A valid contract

D) Illegal

Answer : C

3) Which one of the following is not void ?

A) agreement in restraint of trade

B) Commercial agreements earning huge profits

C) Agreement in restraint of trade

D) All of the above

Answer : C

3) Public policy is unruly horse ', This has been said in  :

A) Richardson Vs Mellish

B) Harvey Vs Facey

C) Felt house Vs Bindlley

D) Allins Mary Vs. William Clark

Answer : A

4) A who is a dealer in coconut oil only , agrees to sell to B one hundred tons of oil . This agreement is :

A) Valid

B) Void

C) Voidable

D) Illegal

Answer : A

5) A and B enter into an agreement that if it rains on Wednesday, A will pay ₹ 5,000 to  B , and if it does not rain ,B will pay ₹5,000 to A . This agreement is :

A) A contingent contract

B) A wagering Agreement

C) Quasi Contract 

D) An agreement in restraint of trade .

Answer : B


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