1) A agreed to become assistant for three years to a physician practicing at Zanzibar. The appointment was subject to the condition that during the aforesaid period he would not start his own practice. A left service within one year and started his own practice this :

A) Agreement being restraint of trade is void and cannot be enforced .

B) Agreement is valid and can be enforced

C) Agreement is voidable

D) Agreement is illegal

Answer : B

2) An agreement is void if it is made :

A) By way of wager

B) Under undue influence

C) Under coercion

D) Under fraud

Answer : A

3)  A grants a lease of certain premises at Delhi to B for one year on a monthly rent of ₹ 10000, knowing that the premises will be used for prostitution . This agreement is :

A) Valid

B) Void

C) Voidable

D) None of the above

Answer : B

3)  An agreement to lent money to a married women in consideration of her getting divorce and marrying the lender is :

A) Valid

B) Voidable

C) Void

D) None of the above

Answer C

5) Which statement is incorrect?

A)  Agreement in restraint of marriage is void.

B) Agreement in partial restraint of marriage is valid.

C) Agreement in partial restraint of legal proceeding is valid

D) Contingent contract is valid.

Answer : C


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