"Precedent which are enforceable by law are called judicial precedents ".

Meaning -
     According to Oxford dictionary 'precedent ' means " a previous instance or case which is or may be taken as an example of rule for subsequent cases".(or by which some similer act or circumstances may be supported or justified).
   A judgement or decision of a court of law cited as an authority for deciding a similar set of facts ; A case which serves as an authority for the legal principle embodied in its decision.

Bentham :
       According to Bentham 'precedents are judge made laws'  .

Keeton :
        According to keeton a judicial precedent is a judicial decision to which authority has in some measure been attached.

Gray :
     In the words of. Gray, ' a judicial precedent covers everything said or done which furnished a rule for subsequent practice.

Jenks :
        According to jenks,  a judicial precedent is a decision by a competent court of justice upon a disputed point of law becomes not merely a guide but an authority to be followed by all courts inferior jurisdiction administering the same system until it has been overruled by superior court of justice or by a statute.
In short, we can say precedent means the guidance or authority of past decisions for future cases.

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