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Qualification for Member of Parliament -

The members of Lok-Sabha or Rajya-Sabha are called as the member of Parliament (MP) . To became the member of house following are the qualifications -

1) he/she shall be person of sound mind.

2) he/she should be citizen of India.

3) Age limit - the MP of Lok-Sabha has to complete 25 years of the age while MP of Rajya-Sabha has to complete age of 30 years.

4) He/ She must not hold any office of profit under Union or State government.

5) He/ She shall not have been awarded one day imprisonment or fine upto Rs.500/-

6) If he/she becomes member of state legislature assembly.  In short MP becames MLA.

7) he should make and subscribe to the prescribed oath or affirmation before a person authorized by the election commission for this purpose.

8) he should Also possess such offer qualifications prescribed by the constitution or by law prescribe for this purpose.

9) he should not suffer from any disqualification prescribed by the constitution or law made by the Parliament.


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