Difference between Lok-Sabha and Rajya-Sabha -

     Parliament of India is bicameral. There are two houses lower house and upper house which known as 'Lok-Sabha' and 'Rajya-Sabha' respectively.
Let's see different between Lok-Sabha and Rajya-Sabha.

Capacity -

       Maximum capacity of Lok-Sabha is  550. Whereas maximum capacity of  Rajya-Sabha is 250.

Nature -

        Lok-Sabha is not continuous body that means its term fixed.  It dissolved after every five years or its period may extend in emergency or can be reduce after dissolution for any reason.
On the other hand Rajya-Sabha is continuous body and there is rotation system.  It dose not dissolved, but after every two years it's 1/3rd members are retired. And one-third are introduced by fresh election and presidential nomination 

Term -

       Term of Lok-Sabha is 5 years but it be dissolved earlier or can be extended more than five years at emergency time. Whereas term of Rajya-Sabha is six years . It does not dissolved,there is rotation system.

Election -

         The election of the  Lok-Sabha is direct whereas  election of Rajya-Sabha is indirect and president may nominate 12 members for Rajya-Sabha.

Business -

        The controlling authority of Lok-Sabha is a speaker whereas vise-president is ex-officio chairman of the Rajya-Sabha.


        For Lok-Sabha member must have completed 25years. Whereas for Rajya-Sabha  must have completed 30 years of age.


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