What is Zuripeshgi Lease 

Zunpeshgi Lease bears a close resemblance to a usufructuary mortgage. A Zuripeshgi lease means a lease for a lump sum of money paid in advance.

What is Usufructuary Mortgage - 

Transfer of Property Act Defines a Usufructuary Mortgage, Where the mortgagor delivers possession [or expressly or by implication binds himself to deliver possession] of the mortgaged property to the mortgagee, and authorizes him to retain such possession until payment of the mortgage money and to receive the rents and profits accruing from the property  [or any part of such rents and profits and to appropriate the same] in lieu of interest, or in payment of the mortgage-money, or partly in lieu of interest  [or] partly in payment of the mortgage-money, the transaction is called a usufructuary mortgage and the mortgagee a usufructuary mortgagee. 

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Distinction Between Zuripeshgi Lease and Usufructuary Mortgage.

The points distinction between the Zuripeshgi Lease and Usufructuary Mortgage are as follows -

(1) In a usufructuary mortgage the relationship of debtor and creditor subsists whereas in Zuripeshgi lease this relationship does not exist

(2) In a usufructuary mortgage, the mortgage is entitled to retain possession of the mortgaged property until the mortgage money is satisfied While in a Zuripesshgi lease, the lessee remains in possession for a fixed time

(3) The delivery of possession is essential in both cases but in the usufructuary mortgage, the mortgagee sometimes executes a lease in favor of the mortgagor who retains possession and agrees to pay rents generally equivalent to the interest of the amount advanced This is not so in Zuripeshgi lease.

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