What is Law? 

      Before we see the Advantages and Disadvantages of Law let's see What is Law... In simple language, Law is the body of rules and principles that govern behavior, resolving disputes through codified rules and resolutions. These rules can be enforced through social pressure, cost, coercion, or formal authority. 

    We live in a society where people need laws to protect their rights, duties, and reputation. The rules governing the enforcement of these laws are called law codes. There are many Advantages and disadvantages of Law some of them are as follows...

Advantages of Law 

1) Fixed principles of law

2) Laws provide uniformity and certainty in the administration of justice.

3) Law is not of personality and it has a certain amount of certainty attached to it.

4) Law avoids the dangers of arbitrary, biased, and dishonest decisions because the law is certain and it is known. It is not enough that justice should be done but it is also that it is seen to be done. 

5) Law protects the Administration of Justice from the errors Of individual judgments. Individual whims and fancies are not reflected in the judgment Of the court that follows the Rule of Law.

6)  Legislature represents the wisdom of the and therefore a law made by the legislature is much safer because collective decision making is safer and more reliable than individual decision making.

Disadvantages of Law - 

1) Rigidity of Law: An ideal legal system keeps on changing according to the changing needs Of the people. Therefore, the law must adjust to the needs of the people and it cannot isolate itself from them. However, in practice, the law is not usually changed to adjust itself to the needs of the people. Therefore, the lack of flexibility results in hardship in several cases. 

2) Conservative nature of law. lawyers and judges favor in continuation of the existing laws. This creates a situation where very Often laws are static and they do not respond to the progressive society of the conservative nature of law.

3) Formalism of law: Most of the time, people are concerned with the technical of law and not the merits of every individual case. It creates delays in the Justice Delivery system. It also leads to injustice in certain Cases. 

4) Complexity of law: Sometimes, the laws are immensely intricate and complex. 'This causes difficulty in the Interpretation of Statutes. Thus Salmons says, the advantages of law are many but the disadvantages are too much.

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