ln India information technology law is also called cyber law. It concerns the law of information technology, including computing and the internet. In the year 2000 Information Technology Act 2000 is enacted enforced. and applicable to the whole of India, It is also applicable to the offenses committed outside India if such contravention involves a computer computer system or computer network located in India. There are four different types of cybercrime identity theft, cyberbullying, cyberterrorism, hacking, etc.

What is cybercrime -  

    Cybercrime is a crime that is done using technology whereas a computer is it tool for cybercrime. In simple words, cybercrime is an unlawful act that is done with the help of the Internet and electronic devices. Cybercrimes can involve criminal activities that are traditionally in nature such as theft fraud, forgery, mischief all of which are subject to the Indian penal code.

Types of cybercrime -

There are different types of cybercrimes 

1) Identity theft - in this type of crime personal information of a person is stolen with the purpose of using their financial resources or to take a loan or credit card in their name then such a crime is known as identity theft. 

2) Cyberbullying - when a teenager or adolescent harasses, defames, or intimidate someone with the use of the Internet, phone, chat room, instant messaging or any other social network then the person is said to be committing the crime of cyberbullying. 

3) Cyber terrorism - cyber terrorism is a type of cybercrime when a three top extortion or any kind of harm is being subjected towards a person, group or state, it is known as the crime of cyber terrorism. Generally, it includes the well-planned attack strategies on the government and corporate computer system. 

4) Hacking - Hacking is the most common cybercrime in this type of crying the person gets access to another people's computer and password to use for their own wrongful gain.

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