Introduction - 

The American Constitution was enacted at the convention of Philadelphia in 1789. It consists of seven articles which are not more than seven thousand words and till now there are with twenty-six amendments. The ten amendments for the security of fundamental rights.

Silent Features Of USA Constitution -

Let's see the silent features of the American Constitution.

1) Written Constitution -

Like the Indian Constitution, American Constitution is a written Constitution which is made at the Philadelphia convention in 1789. USA Constitution consists of Seven articles which are not more than seven thousand words.


Article I – The Legislative Branch. 

Article II – The Executive Branch.

Article III – The Judicial Branch.

Article IV – The States. 

Article V – Amendment. 

Article VI – Debts, Supremacy, Oaths. 

Article VII – Ratification.

2) Brief Constitution

       The USA Constitution is the briefest constitution in all the world. On the other hand, the Indian Constitution is also known as a bulky constitution because it is the most detailed constitution in the world. American Constitution consists of seven articles which are not more than seven thousand words.

3) Rigid Constitution (Rigidity in Amendment) -

The American Constitution is a rigid constitution. The process of amendment in the Constitution of America is so complicated as the proposal of 2/3 majority by congress or state and the ratification must be by the three fourth of majority. Since 1789 the American Constitution has been amended only 27 times.  The first 10 amendments are collectively known as the Bill of Rights. 200 Years and Just 27 Amendments.  

4) Supremacy of Constitution -

  The American Constitution is the supreme law of the nation. The USA constitution has supremacy over all law parties, peoples, or groups of the state.

5) Sovereignty of the Peoples -

   The American Constitution shows the sovereignty of the people in the very start write that “ We people united states established the constitution for the USA.”

6) Federalism - 

  The American constitution established the federal form of Government in which the powers are divided between center and state. 

7) Separation of Power

The American Constitution is based on the doctrine of 'separation of power'.The same is not expressed in the constitution but is implied in which the three pillars of Government do not interfere in each other matters.

8) Check and Balance System - 

    It is also the system of check and Balance. In it the executive check judiciary and legislation, judiciary check, legislation, and executive, etc.

9) Bicameralism

   The constitution lays down the legislation as bicameralism. In which one congress, which consist on senate and House of Common. The senate member is two from every state. The member of the House of Representatives are according to the population current are 538.

10) Dual Party System

According to the American Constitution, In America, there is Dual Party System.  In it after convention decided the two dual party system. In American two strong parties

  • Democrats
  • Republicans

11) Independence of Judiciary

In it, the judiciary is independent and does not work under any authority.

12) Dual Citizenship

    The American constitution provides Dual Citizenship for its citizens one for State and another Center. In India, there is only one Citizenship. 

13) Independence of Judiciary

According to American Constitution, In America, the judiciary is independent and does not work under any authority.

14) Fundamental Rights

     The fundamental rights of the people of America are secure in the constitution in the first three amendments.

15) Spoil system

In politics and government, a spoils system (also known as a patronage system) American Constitution consists of a spoil system in which the new president spoils the old cabinet.

16) Conventions

Conventions play a vital role in the constitution. As the president and vice President from different states. It is the fruit of convention.


American Constitution is the oldest and Written and Rigid Constitution that provides dual citizenship to the people of America. One for Center and another for State. It protects the fundamental rights of people. 

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