81. Which section of the Code prove enforcement of decree against legal representative – 

(a) Section 51 

(b) Section 52 

(c) Section 56 

(d) Section 58 

Correct Answer - (b) Section 52

82. Among the following in which section property liable to attachment and sale in execution of the decree is provided – 

(a) Section 60 

(b) Section 62 

(c) Section 63 

(d) Section 65 

Correct Answer - (a) Section 60

83. A judgment debtor has been arrested, may not release on the following ground– 

(a) Suffering from any serious illness 

(b) Suffering from any infectious or contagious disease 

(c) He is not in a fit state of health to be detained in the civil prison 

(d) None of the above 

Correct Answer - (d) None of the above

84. Among the following properties, which shall not be liable for attachment under the Code – 

(a) Government securities 

(b) Banknotes 

(c) A mere right to sue for damages 

(d) All of the above 

Correct Answer - (c) A mere right to sue for damages

85. Among the following which section deals with the proceeds of execution-sale to be rateably distributed among decree-holders– 

(a) Section 60 

(b) Section 67 

(c) Section 73 

(d) Section 75 

Correct Answer - (c) Section 73

86. Section which deals with the interpleader suit – 

(a) 38 

(b) 79 

(c) 84 

(d) 88 

Correct Answer - (d) 88

87. A decree is passed against the Union of India or a State, execution shall not be issued on any such decree unless it remains unsatisfied for the period of – 

(a) Two months 

(b) Three months 

(c) One months 

(d) Six months 

Correct Answer - (b) Three months

88. No order for detention of the judgment debtor in civil prison in execution of a decree for the payment of money shall be made, where the total amount of the decree not exceed –

(a) One Thousand 

(b) Two Thousand 

(c) Five Thousand 

(d) Ten Thousand 

Correct Answer - (b) Two Thousand

89. In which of the following cases, the Court may not issue a commission – 

(a) To examine any person 

(b) To make a partition 

(c) To hold a scientific, technical or expert investigation 

(d) For execution of a decree 

Correct Answer - (d) For the execution of a decree

90. Under which of the following circumstances, review of judgment may not lie – 

(a) Appeal dismissed 

(b) By a decision on a reference from a Court a small causes 

(c) By a decree or order from which an appeal is allowed by this code, but from which no appeal has been preferred 

(d) By a decree or order from which no appeal is allowed by this code 

Correct Answer - (a) Appeal dismissed


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