41. The Code of Civil Procedure (Amendment) Act, 1999 as well as the Amendment Act, 2002 were held constitutionally valid in the case of – 

(a) State of Punjab v. Sivaram 

(b) State of U.P. v. Chandra Bhushan 

(c) Anil Rai v. the State of Bihar 

(d) Salem Advocate Bar Association v. UOI 

Correct Answer -  (d) Salem Advocate Bar Association v. UOI

42. Which of the following sections of the Code defines “suit”_____ 

(a) Section 2 

(b) Section 9 

(c) Section 2(9) 

(d) Not defined 

Correct Answer - (d) Not defined

43. The words ‘rights’ in the definition of the decree as given under Section 2(2) of the Code, means – 

(a) Substantive rights 

(b) Procedural rights 

(c) Both (a) and (b) 

(d) None of the above 

Correct Answer - (a) Substantive rights

44. Once a Preliminary decree is passed in a suit 

(a) The suit will comes to an end 

(b) The suit will continue 

(c) Either (a) or (b) 

(d) None of the above 

Correct Answer - (b) The suit will continue

45. A judgment contemplates a stage___ the passing of a decree – 

(a) Simultaneous 

(b) Prior to 

(c) After 

(d) Any of the above 

Correct Answer - (b) Prior to

46. Mesne profit_______ include profits due to improvements made by the person is wrongful possession of property______ 

(a) Shall not 

(b) Shall 

(c) May 

(d) May not 

Correct Answer -  (a) Shall not

47. Mesne profit can be claimed with respect to 

(a) Immovable property only 

(b) Movable property only 

(c) Both (a) and (b) above 

(d) None of the above 

Correct Answer - (a) Immovable property only

48. The interest on mesne profit shall not exceed______ per annum – 

(a) 10% 

(b) 6% 

(c) 4% 

(d) 1% 

Correct Answer - (b) 6%

49. The official request that a Court should not take a particular action without issuing notice to the applicant party is called – 

(a) Stay of suit 

(b) Injunction 

(c) Caveat 

(d) Letter of request

Correct Answer - (c) Caveat

50. The jurisdiction of the Civil Court is based on – 

(a) Pecuniary jurisdiction 

(b) Territorial jurisdiction 

(c) Subject matter jurisdiction 

(d) All of the above 

Correct Answer - (d) All of the above

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