1) The council of Ministers of the National Capital Territory of Delhi shall consist of not more than...

A) 10 Ministers

B) 5 Ministers

C) 12 Ministers

D) None of the above

Correct answer - A) 10 Ministers

2) District Judges in a State are appointed by the...

A) President

B) The prime minister of India

C) Governor

D) Chief Minister of the state

Correct answer - C) Governor

3) According to the provisions of the Constitution, the administrative control (posting, promotion, leave, etc.) over the district courts and other subordinate courts, shall be vested in the...

A) The Supreme Court of India

B) High Court

C) District court

D) none of the above

Correct answer - B) High Court

4) If a stay order has been granted by the High Court in a case, the application of the affected party by such an order shall be disposed of by the High Court within a period of.....

A)  2 week

B)  5 week

C)  4 week

D)  10 week

Correct answer - 2 week

5) The power to make rules for the transaction of the business of the Government of Indian and for the allocation of business among Ministers lies with the...

A)  Prime Minister

B)  President

C)  Governor

D)  Chief Justice of India 

Correct answer - B)  President

6) Which Union territory sends its members to the Council of States? .....

A)  Maharashtra and Goa 

B)  Pondicherry and Delhi

C)  Himachal Pradesh

D)  Uttar Pradesh

Correct answer - B) Pondicherry and Delhi

7) According to Article 243 of the Constitution, the Panchayats at the intermediate level may not be constituted in a state which has a population...

A) Not exceeding Bank 50 lakh

B) Not exceeding the 30 lakh

C) Not exceeding 20 lakh

D)  None of the above

Correct answer - C) Not exceeding 20 lakh

8) The power to determine the number of judges in a High Court lies with the...

A) The Prime Minister of India

B) President of India

C) Governor of India

D)  Chief Justice of India

Correct answer - B) President of India

9) How many members are nominated by the Governor in the Legislative Council of a State?

A) 1/12 of the total membership

B) 1/5 of the total membership

C) 1/4 of the total membership

D)  None of the above

Correct answer - A) 1/12 of the total membership

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