Meaning and definition of Negotiable Instrument - 

     According to Black's dictionary of Law Negotiable instrument is written and signed the unconditional promise or order to pay the specified sum of money on demand or at a definite time payable to order or bearer.

There are two types of Negotiable Instruments - 

1) Negotiable instrument by statute

2) Negotiable instrument by custom or usage.

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Parties to Negotiable Instrument - 

Drawer -  The person who writes the bill of exchange or Cheque is called a drawer.

Maker - The person who writes the promissory note is called the maker.

Drawee -

         A person to whom the bill of exchange or cheque is drawn or written is called drawee. (The drawee of the cheque is always a banker.)

Payee - 

        The specified person with the instrument, to the payment of money is directed or on whom an order of the payment of money is directed, is called a payee.

Acceptor -

       When drawee of a bill of exchange or on its any part agreeing with it and informs the holder or any person on behalf drawee is called acceptor.   

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Endorser - The person or payee who endorses the instrument to any other person is called Endorser.

Endorsee - The person, in whose favor, the instrument is endorsed, is called an Endorsee.

Drawee in case of need -

        When a person other than a drawee is mentioned in the negotiable instrument to whom the holder may contact for payment in case of need, the person or drawee is called a Drawee in case of need.   

Acceptor for honour - 

      When a bill of exchange has been refused and any person accepts for the honor of drawee or endorser, the person is called Acceptor for Honor. 


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