Question 9 is compulsory carries 20 March 

1) State and explain the provision relating to the documentary evidence

2) The Relevancy of Motive, Preparation and Conduct under the Indian Evidence Act

>>>>> What are: fact, fact-in-issue and relevant fact. 

3) Define burden of proof. Discuss the general principles of burden of proof

4) Define Admission. Explain the principles governing admissibility of admissions with the help of suitable case laws.

5) What is dying declaration? Discuss the ground on which it is admitted in evidence.

6) What is estoppel? Discuss the principle governing the application of estoppel.

>>>> Estoppel a of tenant and of licensee

7) Attempt the following

a) Hearsay evidence

b) Fact in issue and relevant facts >>> Distinguish between fact-in-issue and relevant fact

8) State and explain the provisions relating to examination of witnesses

9) Write short notes on any two

a) May presume shall presume and conclusive proof

b) Electronic Evidence: Admissibility of Electronic Evidence

c) Kinds of Evidence

d) Circumstantial evidence


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