Question 9 is compulsory carries 20 March 

1) Discuss the law relating to privileged communication 

2) Cross-examination of a witness is a double-edged weapon. Explain

3) "All Confessions are admissions, but admissions are not confessions". Comment.

4) Explain the different provisions relating to character evidence

5) Define proved, not proved, disprove, may presume shall presume and conclusive proof

6) What are: fact, fact-in-issue and relevant fact. Distinguish between fact-in-issue and relevant fact

7) Discuss in detail the concept of circumstantial evidence and state its evidentiary value

8) Discuss the relevance of motive, preparation and previous or subsequent conduct

9) Write notes on any two

a) Dumb witness

b) Electronic evidence

c) Test of Competency of the witness.

d) Cases in which secondary evidence is admissible


  1. In short, the questions, which give rise to a right or liability are called Fact in Issue. The fact in issue is also known by its Latin name 'Factum Probandum' or that which is to be proved on vidmate.


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