Question 9 is Compulsory. Out of the remaining attempt any Five 

1) State and Explain the various provisions relating to 'Presumptions' under the Evidence Act.

>>>>> Meaning Definition of Presumptions under the Indian Evidence Act, 1872

>>>>> Classification of Presumptions under the Indian Evidence Act 1872

2) "All confession are admissions, but admissions are not confessions." Comment

>>>>> Confession and Kinds of Confession

>>>>> What is Admission and who can make Admissions under the Indian Evidence Act 1872

>>>>> Difference between Confession and Admission 

3)  Explain the provisions of the Evidence Act relating to Statement made by a person who cannot be called as a witness.

>>>>> What is Dying Declaration

>>>>> Statement by person who cannot be called as witness (Dying declaration) | Indian Evidence Act 1872

4) Discuss the doctrine of Estoppel under the Law of Evidence

>>>> Meaning and Kinds of Estoppel

>>>> Difference Between an Admissions and Estoppel

>>>> Difference Between Estoppel and Res Judicata

5)  What is Expert Witness? Describe the various modes of proving the handwriting of a person.

>>>> Expert Witness

>>>> When opinions of third persons are relevant. (Expert opinion)

>>>> The Concept of Opinion of Expert and its Evidentiary value

6)  "Hearsay evidence is no evidence" State and explain the exception to this rule.

>>>> Hearsay Evidence is No Evidence 

7) Explain the following

Privileged communications

Examination of witnesses

8)  Define the term 'Fact' and discuss the law relating to facts which need not be proved.

>>>> Meaning of Fact and the concept of fact in Issue

>>>> The provisions regarding Facts which need not be proved

9)  Explain any two of the following

A) Relevancy of character in Civil and criminal proceedings

B) Burden of proof

C) Res gestae and plea of alibi

>>>> Doctrine of Res Gestae

>>>> Meaning Definition and Example of Plea of Alibi

D) Difference Between Public and Private documents

E) Concepts of hostile witness, dumb witness and child witness

>>>> Hostile witness

>>>> Dumb witness

>>>> Child witness


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