1) Explain the law relating to competency and compatibility of witnesses


 What is meant by burden of proof? Discuss the law relating to burden of proof.

2)  Accomplice is untrustworthy of credit unless corroborated in material particulars. Explain.


 Discuss the law relating to exclusion of oral by documentary evidence

>>> Oral Evidence

>>> Hearsay Evidence is No Evidence!

>>> Oral Evidence under Indian Evidence Act 1872

3) Explain the relevance of Character Evidence.


All confessions are admissions but all admission are not confessions. Discuss.

>>> What is Confession and Kinds of Confession

>>> What is Admission and who can make Admissions under the Indian Evidence Act 1872.  

>>> Difference Between Confession and Admission 

4) Evidence may be given of fact in issue and of relevant facts. Explain.


Explain the law relating to examination of witnesses.

5) Discuss in detail the concept of circumstantial evidence and state its circumstantial value.


Discuss the relevancy of Motive, Preparation and Previous or Subsequent Conduct.

6)  Write notes on (any two)

(a) Dumb witness

(b) Conclusive proof

(c) Hostile witness

(d) Electronic Evidence 


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