Attempt any five questions. Question No 8 carrying 20 March is compulsory

1) Explain the persons by whom and admission must be made

2) What are the exceptional cases in which secondary evidence is admissible?

>>> When Secondary Evidence is Admissible.

>>> Difference between Primary Evidence and Secondary Evidence

3) Witnesses must speak only of fact and not of opinion or inferences.  This rule is subject to one exception.  Discuss.

4) Discuss the ways in which credit of a witness may be impeached

5) "The best evidence about the contents of a document is the document itself"-Explain

>>>> "Documents" under the Indian Evidence Act,1872

>>>> Meaning Definition and Kinds of Documentary Evidence

6) Discuss the concept of dying declaration

7)  what do you mean by confession? Discuss the concept of extra-judicial confession. 

>>>> Confession and Kinds of Confession

>>>> Difference between Confession and Admission

>>>> Extra Judicial Confession

>>>> Confession to Police Officer

8)  Write notes on (Any Four)

i) Identification parade >>> See also >>> Procedure for holding Identification parade

ii) Hearsay evidence >>> See also >>> Hearsay Evidence is No Evidence !

iii) Public document >>> See also >>> Difference between Public Document and Private Document

iii) Proved

iv) Tape recording

v) Presumption of death


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