Q.9 is Compulsory. Attempt any Five 

1) Define Jurisprudence and Utility of Jurisprudence 

>>>> Meaning and Definition of Jurisprudence

>>>>  Importance / Utility of Jurisprudence

2) What is Legislation? State Advantages and Disadvantages of Legislation

3) What is Mens Rea and what are exceptions to the Doctrine Mens Rea?

4) Explain Critically Kelson's pure theory of law.

5)  Bindingness authoritativeness of decision emanates not from the whole judgment but only from the ratio decidendi. Describe the nature of the doctrine of precedent in India

>>>>> Difference between Ratio Decidendi and Obiter Dicta

>>>>> Doctrine of precedent in India

6) Explain the notion of administration of justice in civil matters

7)  Explain the Hohfeldian classification of legal rights with suitable illustrations.

8)  Discuss the concept and importance of possession. Also, state the various modes of acquisition of possession.

>>>> Possession: Meaning, Definition and Kinds of possession

>>>> Modes of Acquisition of Property

>>>> Why Law protects Possession?

9) Write notes on (any two)

      A)  Subordinate legislation

      B)  Obligations

     C)  Kinds of Possession

     D)  Corporate personality


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