All questions are compulsory

1) Describe the nature importance and development of the concept of human rights


Salient features of Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 1966

2) Position of Women under the International Law 


What extent the NHRC has been effective for the enforcement of human rights

3) Write short notes on any two

A) The rights of minorities

B) Modes of Acquiring Nationality

C) Pacta Sunt Servanda

D) Rights of aged person

4) What are the main sources of international law discuss custom and treaties as important sources of international law


What is meant by ‘State Succession’? What are Consequences of State Succession?

5) Examine the law of responsibility and the consequences of State Responsibility


What are the various amicable means of settlement in international disputes? Illustrate your answer from International practice

6) The Doctrine of Novation, Kinds of Novation


What do you understand by intervention State briefly the just crown for intervention

7)  Write short notes on any two

A) Kinds of State Succession

B) Asylum

C)  de facto and de jure recognition

D)  International Court of Justice


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