Legal History and Historical jurisprudence are two different things. Legal history is not synonymous with historical jurisprudence.

 Legal History -

       Legal history reveals the manner in which people in different countries at different times have speculated about some of the problems concerning the law. According to Dr. W. Frideman "legal history" is linked at one end with philosophy and at the other end, with Political Theory. Its purpose is to set forth the historical process, whereby any legal system came to be what it is or what it was.

Historical jurisprudence -  

        Historical jurisprudence constitutes the general portion of legal history and examines the manner of growth of a legal system. It deals with the general principles governing the origin and development of laws as also the origin and development of legal concepts and principles found in the philosophy of law. It traces the growth of law from origin with a view to finding out the origin of our legal concepts and the general course of their evolution.

Distinction between legal history and historical jurisprudence


        Legal history

   Historical jurisprudence


Legal history sets forth the historical process by which a particular legal system has a grown and taken its present shape.

Historical jurisprudence is the history not of the legal system but of the first principles and basic concepts of the legal system.


Legal history tells us how the law of property or contract was altered and developed from time to time.

Jurisprudence traces how the concept of property and contract originated and developed.

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