According to George Washington," administration of justice is the firmest pillar of government. Law exists to bind together the community. It is sovereign and cannot be violated with impunity." according to Sir John Salmond,"law may be defined as the body of principles recognized and applied by the State in the administration of Justice." The Administration of Justice is divided into two parts - Administration of Criminal Justice and Administration of Civil Justice. According to

2) Concept Administration of Justice 

      State maintain law and order and establish peace and social security. Administration of Justice is one of the primary functions of the State. The main function of the administration of justice is, protection of individuals' rights, enforcement of laws and punishment of wrongdoer.
     In simple words administration of Justice means justice according to law. Justice generally means the quality of being just.  for example the awarding of what is due.  justice consists of impartiality, integrity or rightness etc Administration of justice is generally divided into two parts- viz Administration of Civil Justice and Administration of Criminal Justice.

Criminal Justice 

         Administration of criminal justice deals with public wrongs. all offenses included in Indian Penal Code(IPC) are public wrongs. The administration of criminal justice is to punish the offender. Punishment may be described as the infliction by State Authority, of a consequence normally regarded as an evil (for example imprisonment or death) on an individual found to be legally guilty of a crime.

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Importance and Purpose of Criminal Justice 

      The main purpose and object of criminal justice is to punish the wrongdoer (offender) and to maintain law and order in society.   It is the State which punishes the Criminal. Punishment necessarily implies some kinds of pain inflicted upon the offender or loss caused to him for his criminal act which may either be intended to deter him from repeating the crime or maybe an expression of society  disapprobation for his Anti Social conduct or it may also be directed to reform and regenerate him and at the time ported the society from criminals.

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