1) Introduction -

           Right to Equality is a  human right and this Human Rights has been adopted accepted in the UNO's Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 14 of the Indian Constitution. Dalits are a part of human race and accordingly, they are entitled to the right to equality. In India, the situation of Dalit is very bad. After 50 years of India's independence, there is no change in the status of Dalits Their Economic, Social and Political Circumstances are very poor. In the constitution, there are provisions for reservations and for the promotion of their economic, social and educational interest, attempts have been made. These reservations were made initially for 10 years. But this period has been extended from time to time and as deposition stands today.

2) Meaning and Definition of Human Rights

           The term "Human Rights" did not call those rights which are inherent in their nature and without which we cannot leave as human beings. The human rights being eternal part of the nature of human beings are essential for the development of individual personality and human qualities, the intelligence, talent and consciences and to enable them to satisfy the spiritual and other higher demands.

3) Who is the Dalit? 

            The lowest caste member in Indian traditional caste system called Dalit. Dalit includes communities of Scheduled Caste and the Scheduled Tribes.

4) Human Rights of Dalits - 

      In India, Formerly Dalit had nothing like human rights. Reservations in the constitution were effected for a period of 10 years with an idea that by this time, Dalit will become a part of the mainstream. But that expectation has remained unfulfilled. Dalits have been exploited a lot in several parts of the country. There have been several amendments to the constitution to extend the benefits of reservation to the Dalits. We have not made efforts to narrow the gap between the Dalit and the others. Instead, we went on extending the time-limit of reservations, which in a long way, may prove be dangerous.
       Dalits still continue to be the victims of atrocities and exploitation. In several States like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar and Gujarat very frequently the cases of violation of human rights of Dalits came to the light. Some 3 years back the high court of Gujarat had given direction to the state government for improvement of the social condition of the Dalit of Ranpur area in the district Bhavanagar.

         In spite of an enactment, in short, called the Atrocities Act, 1989, still there is no equality for them. The issue of equal treatment to Dalits is a matter of grave concern in India. It is, in fact a social issue. Therefore a social environment has to be created for the elimination of discrimination. Only an enactment will not achieve the desired result. There is a controversy regarding the extension of the constitutional reservations in favour of Dalits. Putting aside this controversy there is only one opinion that there should be equality and justice to the Dalit at any cost.

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