All Questions are compulsory 

1) Explain the nature, origin and development of Human Rights.


2)  Discuss the salient features of Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 1966

3)  Discuss the importance of role of the NHRC in the implementation and enforcement of human rights in India


4)  How and to what extent Indian laws protect Human Rights of women and children?

>>>>> Human Rights of Children In India

>>>>> Human Rights of Women In India

5) Write notes on any two: 

      (a)  UDHR 

      (b)  Rights of Minorities

      (d)  Social, Economic and Cultural Rights.

6)  Discuss the nature, scope and present-day position of International Law.

7)  Explain- 

      (a)  Formation of Treaty and

      (b)  Termination of Treaty

8) What are the sources of international law?  are they hierarchical in nature?

>>>>> Definitions of 'Sources of International Law'

>>>>> Sources of International Law 

>>>>> Subsidiary Sources of International Law


9)  Discuss the basic, purposes, principles and membership of United Nations.

>>>>> Basic Purpose and Principles of United Nations

10)  What is meant by 'International Dispute'? And what are the modes of peaceful settlement of International Disputes?


11)  Explain the concept of recognition of state and its theories. 

>>>>> What is Recognition of a State?

>>>>> Theories of Recognition of State

>>>>> Kinds / Forms of Recognition (State Recognition)

>>>>> Consequences of Recognition of a State

12) Write short notes on any two- 
       (a)  State Succession

       (b)  International Court of Justice (ICJ)
       (c) Individuals as subject of International Law 


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