1) Discuss the Relationship Between Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, 1966 and Part III of the Constitution of India 

2) Evaluate the enforcement mechanism available in India for the Protection of Human Rights

3) How and to what extent International Law protects Human Rights of Women and Children?

>>>>> Position of Women under the International Law | Women and Human Rights

>>>> Human Rights of Women In India

>>>> Human Rights of Children and International Instruments to Protect their Rights 

>>>> Human Rights of Children in India 

4)  Discuss the Concept of 'Human Rights', its nature, origin and Development in detail.

d) Human Rights under UN Charter

5) What is meant by 'State Succession'? What are the Consequences of the State Succession?

6) What are the basic purposes and principles of United Nations?

7) Discuss the Peaceful and Coercive modes of settlement of international disputes?
     >>>> Amicable (Peaceful) and coercive modes of settlement of International disputes

     >>>>  Compulsive / Coercive modes of settlement of International disputes   

8) Discuss the importance of 'International Treaties' as a source of International Law with other Sources of International Law.

9) Discuss the position of Individuals as subjects of International Law.

10) Write Short Notes on any Two 

a) Monism and Dualism Theories

>>>>> Monism Theory / Monistic Theory

>>>>> Dualism Theory / Dualistic Theory

b) Codification of International Law 

c) ICJ (International Court of Justice)

d) Jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice (ICJ)


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