1) Trace the development of legal profession in India 

2) Examine the Duties of an Advocate towards the Court and Client 

    >>>  Duties of an Advocate towards the Court

     >>> Duties of an Advocate towards the Client

3) Discuss the functions of the State Bar Councils and Bar Council of India under the Advocates Act, 1961.

      >>> Functions of a State Bar Council

   >>> Functions of the Bar Council of India 

4) State the Provisions relating to Admission and Enrollment of Advocates under the Advocates Act, 1961

5) Explain any two of the following with reference to the contempt of courts  Act,  1971 :

       a) Types of Contempt of Court. 
       b) Defences available to the Contemner (Criminal Contempt)

       c)  Punishment for Contempt of Court and Appeals 

6) State the Facts and Decisions of the Court on any two of the following cases. 

      a)  Pandurang Dattatray Khandekar vs Bar Council of India and others AIR,1984 Supreme Court 110.
      b)  Prahlad Saran Gupta Vs. Bar Council Of India (1997) 3 S.C.C 585.

      c)   Radha Mohan Lal Vs. Rajasthan High Court (2003) 3 S.C.C 42

7)  Explain any two of the following : 

    a) Types of Cash Book

    b) Subsidiary Books 

    c) Rectification of Errors 



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