Que.1) Discuss any two of the following.

(a) Development of Legal Profession in India.

(b) Duties of an Advocate towards the Court and Duty to render Legal Aid.

>>>>> Duties of an Advocate towards the Court

>>>>> Duty to render Legal Aid

(c) Senior Advocates and Restrictions on Senior Advocates

Que.2) Examine the Functions of the State Bar Councils and Bar Council of India under the Advocates Act 1961.

>>>>> Functions of the State Bar Councils under the Advocates Act 1961.

>>>>> Functions of the Bar Council of India under the Advocates Act 1961.


                  Disqualifications for enrollment as an Advocate

Que.3) Discuss any Two of the Following

(a) Types of Contempt of Court under the Contempt of Courts Act. 1971.

      >>>>> Origin and Development of contempt law in India

      >>>>> Types of contempt of courts

(b) Punishment for Contempt of Court and appeals

      >>>>> Punishment for Contempt of Court

      >>>>> Defences in Criminal Contempt

(c) Concept and role of Bar-Bench Relation with Reference to Administration of Justice.

Que.4) State the Facts and Decision of the Court on any two of the following cases:

(a) Vikas Deshpande Vs Bar Council of India

(b) Shambhu Ra Yadav Vs. Hanumandas Khatry AIR 2001 SC2509.

(c) Bhupinder Kumar Sharma Vs.Bar Association Pathankot (2002) I.S.C.C

(d) Radha Mohan Lal Vs. Rajasthan High Court (2003) 3 S.C.C 42

Que.5) Prepare Cash Book 

See.... How To Prepare Cash Book 

Que.6) Write short notes on any two of the following

a) Classification of Accounts and rules of 'Debit' and 'Credit'for Different accounts.

   >>>>> Classification of Accounts

   >>>>> Rules of 'Debit' and 'Credit'for Different accounts.

b) Types of Errors 

c) Need and Importance of Bank Reconciliation Statement. 


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