An Advocate has greater responsibility to protect the Country and lead the Community because an Advocate is a privileged member of the community  and a gentleman besides beings a citizen.

Duties of an Advocate :

    1 Duties of an advocate towards the court
    2 Duties of an advocate towards his colleagues and opponent
    3 Duties of an Advocate towards a client

Duty to Render Legal Aid 

             Every Advocate in the Practice of the profession of law bear in mind that any one genuinely in need of a lawyer is entitled to legal assistance even though he cannot pay for it adequately or fully and that within the limits of an advocates, economic condition, free legal assistance to the indigent and oppressed is one of the highest obligations an advocate owes to the society    

  • An advocate shall establish Legal aid Societies for the purpose of rendering legal assistance to really poor, backward persons, free of any charge. 

  •  An advocate shall provide legal education to the illiterate and working people by informing them of their rights and legal provisions in simple language. 
  • An advocate shall help the local constitutional bodies such as panchayats in village to function on sound line, so that people may discharge their functions in an enlightened and responsible manner.
  • And Advocate shall compose family differences and settle petty disputes and controversies by amicable settlement. 

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