Trespass is especially a wrong to the actual possessor and therefore cannot be committed by a person in possession.   

Conversion is a wrong to the person entitled to immediate possession.


To damage or meddle with the chattel of another, but without intending to exercise an adverse possession over it, is a trespass

A conversion is a breach made adversely in the community of the owner’s  dominion over his goods though the goods may not be hurt.



The gist of action, in trespass is the force and direct injury inflicted.  

In conversion it is the deprivation of the goods or their use.

 If ‘A’ snatches B’s Gold Chain with view to steal it, the act amounts to both trespass and conversion. But if ‘A’ borrows  B’s Gold ring for his use but later on sell it ‘A’ will be liable for Conversion.     


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