Meaning: Bookkeeping records and classifies the business transactions. Book keeping is the recording branch of accountancy.

Meaning: Accountancy is wider concept than book-keeping. Accountancy includes bookkeeping and classifying, summarising and interpreting of the business transactions. Accountancy starts where book keeping ends.


Definition:  “Book keeping Bookkeeping is the systematic recording of the transactions in a manner enabling the financial relationship of business with other person to be clearly disclosed and the cumulative h effect of the transactions on the financial position of the business itself can be correctly ascertained. Bookkeeping is the first stage it is comes immediately after transaction.”

Definition: Accountancy is an act of recording, classifying and summarising the business transactions, balancing of accounts, drawing conclusions and interpreting the results thereof.  


Book-Keeping is the first step and it comes immediately after transaction.

Accountancy comes after recording and classification. Accountancy starts where bookkeeping ends.


Bookkeeping includes recording the entries of day-to-day transactions by following basic rules of double entry book keeping system  

Accountancy includes processing of primary information available from books of accounts and preparation of financial statements.


Book-keeping has a limited scope

Accountancy has a wider scope.


Book-keeping basically results in Journal and Ledger.

The results of accountancy is Profit and Loss a/c and Balance Sheet.


Book-keeping aims at keeping the record and provides primary information

 Accountancy aims at finding the profits or losses and gives financial position.



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