Damnum sine injuria

                Injuria sine damno


Meaning :

 Damnum means damage in the sense of money, loss of comfort, service, health etc.

Sine means without.

Injuria means legal injury or loss or infringement of a legal right.

In short, Damnum sine injuria means damage without infringement of any legal right.


  Injuria means legal injury or loss or infringement of a legal right.
Sine means without.

damno  means  damages, monetary loss.

In short, Injuria sine damno means Injury without damage or it means infringement of an absolute private right without any actual loss or damage. 


Example :

Gloucester Grammar school case, 1410 In this famous case, Court held that, Deft not liable. Compensation is no ground of action even though monetary loss in caused if no legal right is violated of anybody.

    Suppose 'A' enter a private compound without permission of the owner just for asking water, here the moment 'A' step in, A commit trespass and action can lie against 'A' even no actual damage is caused.


Damage without injury is not actionable.

This is actionable, because there is violation of legal right, even though plaintiff suffers no loss in term of money and defendant is liable.


Relevant Case law :

a) Mayor of Bradford v/s Pickles 1895

b) Gloucester Grammar school case, 1410

Relevant Case law:

a) Ashby v/s White, 1703.

b) Marzetti v/s Williams 1830

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