What is Jurisprudence ? 
Jurisprudence is skill or knowledge of law. It is not mere knowledge of law but something more than that.

Importance / Utility of Jurisprudence : 
          Julius Stone perfectly defines Jurisprudence. According to him "jurisprudence is lawyers extraversion". The knowledge of Jurisprudence sharpens the lawyers own technique of the logical analysis of legal Concepts. It helps lawyers to set the law in it's proper contours by considering the needs of the society and by taking note of the advances made in related and relevant disciplines.
          Holland observed that jurisprudence throw light on the basic ideas and the fundamental principles of law in a given society. Therefore some of the jurists call it "eye of law". Jurisprudence helps the judges and lawyers in ascertaining true meaning of laws passed by the legislature by providing the rules of interpretation. To become successful lawyer or judge jurisprudential background is necessary.
          Jurisprudence is also helpful to legislators who play a vital role in the process of law making. Study of jurisprudence helps them to understand the technicalities of the law and legal precept. It makes their job easy and interesting. 

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