1) Meaning of Evidence

     The Expression 'Evidence' is derived from the  Latin word 'Evidentia' which means 'being clear' or 'apparent clear' the latin word Evidene or Evidere, means to show clearly  or to prove or discover clearly. It means to make clearto the sight, to make plainly, certain, to ascertain, to prove.

   Evidence is Anything that gives reason for believing. According to Phison, Evidence means the testimony, whether oral, documentary, or a real which may be legally received, in order to prove or disprove some fact in Dispute. 

 According to Dictionary meaning (Oxford Dictionary of Law)of  Evidence - that which tends to prove the existence or nonexistence of some fact. It may consist of "testimony", Documentary Evidence","real evidence, and when admissible hearsay evidence .

   The Law of Evidence comprises all the rules governing the presentation of facts and proof in proceedings before a Court, including in particular the rules governing the admissibility of evidence and the 'exclusionary rules.

2) Definitions of Evidence:

    Law of Evidence can be defined as a system of rules for ascertaining controverted questions of Fact in judicial inquires . 

 According to Taylor :

      " Evidence is adduced to prove any fact the truth of which is submitted to judicial investigation."

According to Advanced Learner Dictionary of Current English :

  "Evidence means anything that gives reason for believing something, that makes clear or prove something."

The Definition of Evidence given under Section 3 of Indian Evidence Act  :

“Evidence” means and includes —

           (1) all statements which the Court permits or requires to be made before it by witnesses, in relation to matters of fact under inquiry, such statements are called oral evidence;

            (2) all documents including electronic records produced for the inspection of the Court, such documents are called documentary evidence.

       The Law of Evidence has great importance, since it enables the court to decide the existence or non-existence of fact. 

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